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Pricing Charts

Each superior version includes all features in the smaller versions

Allows to define a completely functional store
WordPress plugin
PayPal integration
Includes a music player
Songs creation
Social network sharing
Access to all documentation published in the website

Versions Comparison

Features Professional Basic
Functional Music Store
WordPress plugin
Create songs products
Integration with PayPal
Allows distribute products for free
Includes a music player
Includes multiple store's layouts
Shares the products in social networks
Protects the purchased audio files
Protects the download links: with the buyers emails, the number of downloads, and a time interval
Includes sales reports
Access to All Website Documentation
Allows create collections of songs
Includes a shopping cart to purchase multiple products at time
Protects the audio files for demo
Includes different skins for the music player
There are available additional shortcodes for inserting a product, a list of products, and a counter for the sold products
Includes widgets to insert a product, a products list, or a counter in the website's sidebars
Allows to download all purchased files in an unique zipped file
Allows to define discounts by product, and the purchase amount
Allows to define coupons code
Associates standard and exclusive prices for the products, or allows the buyers pay what they want
Allows restrict the sales only to registered users
Includes an import module to create multiple products in bulk, and extract their information from the ID3 tags in the audio files
60 Days of Technical Support
49.99 EUR
Payment & download method:
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After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.
The cost of the paid versions is a one-time payment required to download it. The one-time payment gives you right to use the plugin in your websites for an unlimited time.