Add Ons

Extends the basic features of the Music Store with add-ons.

Affiliate Royale

Distributed with the free and premium versions of the Music Store.

The add on allows integrate the Music Store with the Affiliate Royale plugin (both plugins must be installed in the website)

Affiliate Royale is a complete Affiliate Program plugin for WordPress. Use it to start an Affiliate Program for your products to dramatically increase traffic, attention and sales. Once you launch your affiliate program with Affiliate Royale you'll be able to easily track your affiliates to see how they're doing. You'll see how many clicks they're driving, sales they're making and how much to pay them at the end of each month.

Affiliate Royale Section
Affiliate Royale Section in the store's settings

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Coupons Generator

Distributed with the premium versions of the Music Store (from version 5.0.74)

The add on generates a new discount coupon code for each purchase and sends it to the buyer to promote new sales.

The messages is added at the end of the notification email by default, but to insert the message in a different place, insert the special text: %COUPON% into the "Email confirmation to user" attribute.

The "Coupons Generator" section appears in the store's settings page.

The add-on settings are:

Coupons Generator Section
Coupons Generator Section in the store's settings

  • Activate the Coupons Generator: Activates the generator.
  • Percent of discount.
  • Length of the coupon's code: Number of characteres in the coupons' codes.
  • Valid for: The number of days where coupons are valid.
  • Promote coupon message: The promote's text to add to the notification emails, with the coupon's data.

    Into the "Promote coupon message", the special texts: %COUPON_DISCOUNT% is replaced by the discount to apply, %COUPON_CODE% by the discount code, and %COUPON_DATE% by the date limit.