Square Payment Gateway

The add on integrates the Square payment gateway with the Music Store.

Distributed with the Music Store

The "Music Store - Square Add On" allows to integrate the Square payment gateway with the Music Store for accepting payments with credit and debit cards.

Square Payment Gateway Popup
Square Payment Gateway Popup

The "Square Payment Gateway" section appears in the store's settings page.

The add-on settings are:

Square Payment Gateway Section
Square Payment Gateway Section in the store's settings

  • Activate the Square payment gateway checkbox.
  • Label, the text that appears in the list of payment gateways, selectable by the buyers.
  • Squareup.com Application ID, for the Square application id.
  • Squareup.com Access Token, for the access token of the Square application.
  • Squareup.com Application Secret, for the secret kay of the Square application (Required to validate the payment).
  • Square mode?, to select between the test (sandbox) mode, or the production one.